Friday, July 20, 2012

California Road Trip: Cambria to Los Angeles

Greetings!  This was mostly a day of driving and no sight-seeing.  We were on a mission:  get into LA and meet Karen's daughter for an appointment.  Another beautiful drive as we transitioned from Highway One to the 101 into LA.
Karen took this (are you relieved?)
Have I mentioned the car-singing?  We do a lot of singing on our road trips.  We delude ourselves into thinking we are pretty good (insert laugh track).  We have been searching for songs that relate to where we are, as well as anything else we can come up with.  This is a full service road trip.

In the waiting room.  We are excited to hear the baby's heartbeat and meet the doctor!
Karen's daughter is in the LA Mod Quilt Guild.
I'm looking forward to meeting some of her friends and fellow guild members at the baby shower on Sunday.

To IKEA to choose some things for the nursery...

And then, much later, Karen and I checked into our room at the LA Athletic Club.
This place is just great, and very near the fashion district in downtown LA.


  1. Near the fashion district? I suspect you of ulterior (fabric-related) motives!

  2. LOL. I wish I had been able to prowl around in the fashion district (I did this last year). There simply wasn't enough time this trip!


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