Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alliance For American Quilts becomes the Quilt Alliance!

Since it was founded in 1993, the mission of the nonprofit Alliance 
for American Quilts has been to document, preserve, and share
the stories of quilts and their makers.  The vast majority of the 
collected stories so far have come from American quiltmakers, 
and their rich histories across four centuries. 

But the phenomenal quilt rennaisance that began
in the 1970s, has lately gone global.  Both the craft of making
quilts and the study of historic quilts are booming worldwide,
flourishing everywhere from Europe to Asia.  The Alliance
wants to follow this vibrant trail of quilts wherever it leads
and has already added international offerings within existing
projects.  Fittingly, the organization's board of directors has
now voted to change the nonprofit's name to Quilt Alliance,
to reflect the broader focus.

I'm so excited to share this press release with you!  As a board member I've been looking forward
to the day when I could share this information with my readers.  Please stop by the Quilt Alliance
website to read the entire press release.  I'm so proud and honored to serve on the board of this
wonderful organization.  Documenting the stories of quilt makers, no matter what type of work they
create, is a huge passion of mine.

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