Saturday, November 3, 2018

Introducing "Pollinator": A New Collection From RJR Fabrics

I am SO excited to introduce my third line of fabric to you, from RJR Fabrics:

The natural world is beautiful at finding the perfect mechanism for pollination to happen.  Bees are perhaps the rock stars of pollination but there are so many others and they are all rather magical.  Plants figure out how to attract specific pollinators to do their work for them.   The Pollinator fabric line shares a bit of this story, with imaginings of wind, plants, birds, and bees.  If you look closely you might even spot microscopic imagery of pollen!
 As a gardener & cook I am passionate about pollinator conservation; they are such a critical link in our food system.   Through the making of this fabric line I want to share this story and hope it becomes part of yours.  

Now, I probably think this with each collection, but right now this is my absolute 'favorite' to date!

Take a peek:

Perhaps another reason I'm so jazzed about this collection is that I finally, FINALLY, am using my fave color:  orange!  Those who know me well can't figure out why it took me so long..Okay, I love every single pure color, shade, and tint, in the spectrum but I do have a special place in my heart for orange.  While orange doesn't get to be the "boss" of this collection I am happy to include it.  And here is the other happy bit:  it plays so well with the two previous collections (as well as solids!) so this is going to look great with any bits that you have from them.  I can't wait to see what people make with Pollinator.

I hope to use the collection to shine a light on the plight of bees and other important pollinators with this collection.  As a passionate gardener I have been extremely worried about this issue for  a number of years.  We are all dependent on pollinators because, without them, we have no food!
And, honey, I like to eat!

Here are the two "focus fabrics" in the 19-piece collection

A bit about the imagery you see in these prints:
I am a surface design artist, which means I work directly with the cloth to layer imagery and color using Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye, and occasionally a bit of acrylic paint, to achieve the prints.  Some of these shapes and colors are made separately and then layered onto each other via computer by the unicorns at RJR.  I work at the print bench in my studio...and I always have fun.  Some of the images I work with are made from my drawings.  I create screens with them, then pull thickened dye through the screen to get the "marks" on cloth.  More on that in another post...
I love the organic look this gives my work!

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you will look for Pollinator in Quilt Shops in
early spring 2019!

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