Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Retrospective: Fourth Quarter


In Ohio to study with Nancy Crow.
an evening bonfire at the Crow Barn

One of John's beautiful winesap apples.  It looks like
a deconstructed screen to me!

One quarter of my bullseye

dahlia from Nancy's cutting garden

a trip to Amish country the weekend between workshops

an Amish farmer 

doing my presentation
late night drive back to my airbnb in Granville OH

another construction in-process

my critique

Urban Garden Selvedges

quilt market prep underway!

free pattern giveaway

Monarch Migration 

Celebrating Bizzi's 13th birthday with Chuck and Ellie before I leave for Houston
and Quilt Market

I made 2 succulents for my Schoolhouse door prizes

Schoolhouse presentation at Quilt Market

putting together my booth in the RJR booth at Quilt Market



A visit to the Van Gogh exhibit that I co-juried for Cherrywood Fabrics
Jamie and I pose before our curator pieces in the Dinner At Eight exhibition

A blowout on the way back to San Antonio.
Very disappointing.

Another finish.

Thanksgiving in Iowa with the family.



A freak 2" snowfall in San Antonio.
I might have been the only one who wasn't all that psyched about it, but still,
I do appreciate how people feel about it since most haven't had to live with it longterm!

Tim and Bizzi have a conversation

I learn to make tamales

family over for a day of swimming and cooking in the 
outdoor kitchen

A family walk on the "river reach" between the Pearl and downtown.

Happy New Year!
May 2018 be a great one for all of you!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. Your busy, busy life is so full of creativity. Love your fabrics and wish at least one of our local stores would carry them...


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