Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Donating To Hurricane Harvey Relief

I am cut/pasting an article from San Antonio Current magazine which had a good list of the organizations (with links) who are on the ground and providing all kinds of assistance to evacuees of this storm.  Please read through them and consider making a monetary donation.  We quilters, myself included, always want to send quilts to victims of a disaster.  There will be a proper time for that, but in the meantime the needs are much more basic to survival of people and animals.  People need food, diapers, pet food, and more.  It is going to be a massive and monumental rescue, recovery, repair effort.  Please donate money if you possibly can.  These organizations know how to make a dollar go a lot further than you or I can due to their strategic relationships with other organizations and businesses.  The money allows them to prioritize what they need and get the services and goods required.  Thank you for reading this.  xoxo Leslie

PS-At the bottom of the list are drop-off points in the city of San Antonio for items.  Also:  I have been in contact with the people at the Animal Defense League (listed below) and they are not only looking for fosters but pet food and other supplies.  If you are local and you can help with any of those things it would be much-appreciated.  Thanks.

With hurricane and flood damage devastating Houston, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas and other cities along the gulf coast, several Texans are wondering how they can help communities that have been effected the most. Here's a list of organizations asking for volunteers and donations:

  • The American Red Cross, which provides emergency assistance and disaster relief, is seeking donations to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. The organization is urging people to make a minimum donation of $10 by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or texting HARVEY to 90999. 
  • The Salvation Army will remain in communities that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and is in need of donations to provide long-term disaster recovery efforts and ongoing assistance to those in need. 
  • Food, monetary donations and volunteers are need at the San Antonio Food Bank, which is in response mode to support local and statewide needs. Most wanted items are nonperishable food, water, baby food, diapers, flashlights and batteries, new or packaged clothing , hygiene products and cleaning supplies. Donations can be dropped off from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. at the Food Bank warehouse, 5200 Enrique M. Barrera Pkwy. Donations and volunteer registration can be made online
  • The Texas Diaper Bank is in need of monetary and diaper donations to provide kits to the families that are being displaced. Donations can be made at texasdiaperbank.networkforgood.com or by calling (210) 731-8118.
  • The Animal Defense League of Texas and San Antonio Pets Alive ask for donations and volunteers to foster a dog or cat that has been displaced by the hurricane. Steps to donate and register to volunteer can be found on the organizations' websites. The San Antonio Humane Society is also asking for donations, which can be made at sahumane.org
    • The City of San Antonio has coordinated donation drop-off locations for evacuees at district offices. Needed items are nonperishable food, water, baby food, diapers, hygiene items and new clothes. Donations can be taken too D1 Field Office, 1310 Vance Jackson; D2 Field Office, 2805 E. Commerce; D3 Field Office, 3319 Sidney Brooks D4 Field Office, 5102 Pearsall Road, D6 Field Office, 8373 Culebra Road; D7 Field Office, 4414 Centerview Suite, 160; D7 Field Office, 4414 Centerview, Suite 160; D8 Field Office, 9830 Colonnade, Suite 165; D9 Field Office, 1635 NE Loop 410; and D10 Field Office, 1635 NE Loop 410. 
    • I am adding a link to Pokey Bolton's (a former Houston resident) blog as she has several other organizations you need to know about.  Thanks SO MUCH!  I am going to add to this very soon as I have a close friend with property (fortunately, a vacation home) in Port Aransas TX which is right next to Rockport.  You may recall this is where the hurricane made landfall. We are all looking at Houston, as we should, but we have to remember that everyone in these coastal areas are in just as much need.  She is going to Port A tomorrow, the first chance her family has of getting into the area.  I have asked her to let me know what she can identify.  Thanks again for reading this.


  1. Thank you for the list, being in Cincinnati Ohio it's good to have information from "the locals" on who to trust! In the meantime, I'm working on finishing UFOs to send when the time is annoounced! Continued prayers for the people in the area.

    1. I am so appreciative. This is going to be a long-term relief effort so every single contribution is important! Thank you!! Leslie

  2. Thank you for letting us knew where we can help! I will get my donation going, and spread the word!

  3. I am very happy you are doing this, AND spreading the word. I'm sure there will be a need for a long time. I know of one person who is already tearing out insulation, drywall, and removing all the furniture in preparation for the work ahead. She is in a position to deal with this financially but the problem is there are SO many families who don't have the capacity to do this without help.

  4. Money would be better being sent to the Salvation Army. More of it will reach those who need it. Administration at the Red Cross uses more of the money than is given those it is meant for.

    1. thank you for your opinion. One of the things I appreciate the most about the Food Bank is that the money is well-managed and there is a great deal of accountability.


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