Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Settling Into my New Wet Studio

It may seem odd that I have been in my newly-renovated space for close to a year and I am just now feeling like I have my work rhythm again.  I guess the past year was pretty crazy and I'll "blame" the slowness on all the travel and activities related to bringing my first line of fabrics to market.

Since the first of the year I have been intensely focusing on surface design work and finding my stride in the new wet studio space.  I admit that I still have a few things to work out!  For one, my storage is still not quite where it needs to be.  I have space under my stainless steel work table that can be optimized for storage of tools and auxiliary supplies.  Second, I have a closet that remains largely unused.  I need to configure some static shelving which will free up counter space.

I know I can make better use of the space under my table!
You can see I didn't do anything to stylize this image!  
I am in the midst of a bunch of dye mixing and it shows.

Here you see some dye concentrates languishing in front of three screens that have various
degrees of deconstructed marks on them.  I had them outside to dry enough that they won't drip
and now they are finishing the drying.  Soon, I'll pull wet media through them to get some 
interesting and unplanned marks onto cloth.

I have found the new patio I added to the side of my studio to be a valuable space.
I have my weird, "Clampett-style" steamer set up out here along with two adjustable height 
work tables.  Since I have a door leading from me wet studio to this spot it is a very convenient place to do messy work.

Inside, I am doing a bit of clamped shibori dyeing.  

I've been in the process of working on my second fabric line with RJR.  It has been extremely fun to get focused on this project and make some decisions about what will be brought forward from my work to create this line.  Stay tuned!


  1. Busy girl! I'm in love with the pic of your screens for deconstructed printing ... makes my fingers itch to do more of that! Can't wait to see your new fabric line, too.

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