Sunday, November 20, 2016

Quilt Market: The Launch of Urban Artifacts (Part Two of Two)

I will say it again:  I'm a fortunate woman to have so many generous and talented artist friends!
Take a look at more of the beautiful objects I had the privilege of displaying in the RJR booth:

These beautiful bags were constructed by Joanna March, of Custom Kwilts.

These two bags, also made by Joanna Marsh, are the Betty Bowler by Swoon, 
and the Reisende Bag by Sew Sweetness.

This sweet wall hanging was created by my sister guild member Kim Cotcher
who runs Honey Hill Retreat Center.  How fun is this?!

My friend Liberty Worth (of Libby Dibby) made this quilt from her pattern, "Still Waters"...

As well as this fun quilt called "A Bit Of Bubbly"!
I'll have some of that!

Jen Eskridge used Urban Artifacts to make her quilt patter, "1976".

Debra Barnes agreed to be my pattern tester for "Family Game Night:  Parcheesi",
soon to be a kitted pattern from RJR.  Thank you so much!

"Get To The Point" is a pattern I created to be constructed from charm squares
(plus some additional yardage for the solids around the prints and the negative space).

Erin Schlosser created this amazing floor mat from her new book, "Sew Home".
This is quite clever and I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book:
so many amazing ideas!

This collection features a fabric "basket" by Susan Brubaker Knapp,
and fun pincushions from Rachel Parris, Connie Akers, Liberty Worth

Another lovely basket from Susan Brubaker Knapp.

This "Bee" Authentic pincushion (mega!) was created by 
Danielle Wilkes and her mother, Suzanne.

Susan also made this fantastic dog bed, based on an article/tutorial that she 
published several years ago in Quilting Arts magazine.  Bizzi seems to approve....

Kristen Wright, of Two Blondes and a Sewing Machine, made several adorable baby garments!
This is the Baby Lucy Dress, by Simple Life.

This is the "Baby Marlie" pattern from Simple Life.

This is the "Sketchbook Shirt" by Oliver & S.

And City Gym shorts  from Purl Soho

City gym shorts 
(this pattern may be out of print...)

Linda Kirk made these fun little owl pincushions (among others!).

Alissa Rowinsky-Wright made the wonderful pillow,
and Sue Bleiweiss created this Teddy bear, complete with jacket/hat/backpack.
There was even a surprise journal in the pack!

More pincushions by Pokey Bolton of Crafting A Life and Craft Napa,
and Connie Akers

This incredible vintage globe was decoupaged with Urban Artifacts

Jamie also created this unique house pincushion...

and decoupaged this vintage handbag with fabric!

Finally, Kim Cotcher made a "rotary cutter" and a couple of 
adorabel zipper bags with the Urban Artifacts fabric.

Urban Artifacts will be arriving in shops in late February and early March, 2017.  Please inquire at your favorite shop to see if they will be getting the line.  I hope you will send photos once you get some of the fabric!  The possibilities are endless.  Go make stuff!  Thanks for stopping by.  I love to hear from you!


  1. Thanks for posting photos! I love seeing what other artists made with your fabric. Fantastic!

  2. Leslie, where can I purchase this amazing fabric? I'm not having any success finding it!

  3. Worry not! This line is just now (as of late march 2017) hitting shops! Please contact your local shop(s) to inquire of they expect the line. I hope to get a list of shops and online providers that will be carrying the line and will post it as soon as I can! xo Leslie

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