Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tasmania Part 4: A drive to the South

The girls were keen to drive to Hastings Cave and Hot Springs for a thermal bath.  I was looking forward to the drive as much as anything:  a chance to see more of the area.  We packed a picnic lunch, our bathing suits and towels, and off we went.
The drive was full of s-curves and switchbacks over and down mountains.  It was clear that the storm had gone through the area as we saw many downed trees and debris along the roadside.
There were many times I was reminded of a train ride through the Swiss Alps a couple years ago.  We drove along the river's edge and we were level with the water.  I could see why there were numerous signs warning of the possibility of water over the road.

We were disappointed to learn that the springs were closed due to flooding.  We opted to stay and do the cave tour, which was pretty amazing!

Driving next to the Huon River

Down a muddy road toward the Springs and Cavern

Inside the Cavern

The drive back to Hobart.

Hobart in the distance.

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