Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Studio Story Part 2: The DeConstruction

Day One:  my contractor arrived and didn't mess around.  By the end of the first day he had removed doors, shelves, and was well on his way to having the sinks and vanities pulled.  All these things were salvaged and went to Habitat for Humanity.  Except for the huge tub:  no way to get that sucker out except to cut it apart.  Sheesh.
Jeremy gets right to work.

My architect examines a mystery spot on the concrete.
There will be more such mysteries uncovered...

Doors, cabinets, and mirrors get pulled out.

as do the shelves

A dyer is always limited by the size of the sink.  I won't be missing these......

And I'm pretty jazzed about having a side-door (where the window above huge bathtub was).
This will lead out to a very basic concrete pad in the side yard.  I can do really messy, stinky stuff out there.

The guy on the ladder is where the tub used to be.

A discussion about the location of the pad...

Woot!  The coffered ceiling is no more.  We discovered some very bizarre things:
sub-par wiring, odd things in the foundation, several holes in the a/c ductwork.  It 
is good to be able to repair this stuff.  Oh, and did I mention the evidence of termite activity (old)?
Ugh!  There is more to add to the list but suffice it to say that I'm glad these things have 
been discovered in order to repair them.  I expected a few side-trips.  I have not been disappointed.

Here we are by the end of week 2.  Stay tuned.....


  1. The one word of advice I would have for you is WHEELS! Put everything possible on wheels. No matter how well you plan a studio you will change it many times as you work in it.

  2. Almost everything in the old studio was on wheels, Kay, so good advice! I will have wood flooring in the main design area and need to make sure that the sofa has "sliders" under the legs for easy moving. Someone advised me to change the wheels on my chair to special ones for wood floors to avoid making tracks on the wood. I need to look into it.

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