Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Fling with Sizzix

Welcome to the Sizzix Spring Fling blog hop!  I love my Sizzix die cutters:  I own the Big Shot Pro and the Fabi.  The Big Shot allows me to use the really BIG dies and, while it works for all the dies, the Fabi is more portable and I use it when I travel to teach.  "Mr. Big", as I call mine, stays home for those trips!
For this project I used quite a few different dies.  You don't really need to do that, but I guess I used dies like I cook:  if I have it, I might as well add some.
The main dies used are these:
and these:  (L) Flowers and Leaves Die #658480, and (R) 3D Wrapped Flowers #657116.
I also used these:
Big Shot Pro Circle and the "D" piece from the Double Wedding Ring die!

I was interested in creating appliqué pieces from felt that would subsequently be used to adorn a throw pillow.
Here are a few wool blend sheet of felt I am considering...

as well as this crazy piece of woven end-pieces off a loom that I previously dry-felted.
They are all going to make a trip through the Sizzix machines!

First, using the large flower die, I cut the woven piece.

I love it!

Then I cut small sections of the wool felt to go through the other machine.

Here are a few of the results!  They are so gorgeous!

I wanted a larger leaf shape so I opted for this portion of the Double Wedding Ring die.  It works!

I love the blanket stitch (mirror image reversed) by my Bernina 750 QE.

I overlaid the die-cut weaving on the gray felt.

I love the way these beautiful die-cut leaves look over the weaving.

To create a dimensional look I stitched the edges slightly raised from the surface.

The combination of the 3-D flower and these open-cuts:  awesome!
So much yumminess.

I "modified" the base of my too-long zipper by cutting it, then applying some embroidery thread on the base.

Love the way my Bernina handles the uneven levels of the zipper to pillow.

Hand embroidery on the edges makes this even more special.

For the pillow background I selected these pieces.  Note that the open flower shape
on the left is actually cut from the leftover gray of the flower base.
Note my green "leaf petal" that is folded with the black leaves on top?  
There are many uses for each shape in a Sizzix die.  Think outside the box!

Pinned, then straight-stitched to the surface of a piece of yarn-dyed Kaufman Essex.

Then the main appliqué is stitched onto the surface.

The zipper installed....

And the finished pillow!  
I really love these spectacular Sizzix dies.  
They are just so darn much fun to play with.  I hope you try them!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  1. I love all the texture and dimension you created using a variety of fabrics and manipulating the shapes of the die cut pieces. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Very cool pillow!

  2. Wow - that is so cool. Love all the texture you created! Lovely!~

  3. Leslie!!! Your pillow is fabulous! I love all the different textures. Thanks for sharing each step.

  4. Really yummy! Love all the texture. And that zipper is so fun!

  5. I think it's pretty impressive that you cut out a knitted piece with the Sizzix machine. I love all of the colors and textures. Fabulous! Thanks for being a part of the hop!


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