Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A (Very!) Quick Trip To Napa To Witness The Groundbreaking For "Crafting A Life"!

My friend and fellow-artist Pokey Bolton is famous for dreaming big.  One main difference in Pokey is that she has a way of crafting her dreams into reality, and often, those big dreams rub off on many of us who are fortunate to be around her.  She has seen a lot of changes over the past several years and now she is realizing another big dream:  moving back to her home state of California and buying land in Napa.  Her next project:  "Crafting A Life".
What is "Crafting A Life"?  Well, what do you imagine it to mean?  There are so many ways this theme can be interpreted and I think she intends to explore them all.
First up:  construction of a new "Art Barn".  I've seen the plans and walked on the ground where the future art barn will reside.  Inside this future building I think we can weave some magic in the form of quilts, mixed media, perhaps cooking outside the barn in her gorgeous outdoor kitchen (and I, for one, hope to cook some pizzas in that wood oven of hers).  This future place is built for dreaming.  I think the sky is the limit for what can be imagined inside these walls.
Here are a few images from the day of the groundbreaking.....
I think the seat back tray tables on SWA planes look like penguin beaks....

We met Jamie and Steve Fingal at the Oakland airport.
First time our husbands have met in person!

A trip to what my daughters refer to as "The Precious".

A beautiful old barn door.

Tulip trees in bloom

Jamie's fun heart bunting adorns the entry to Pokey's garden.

Gathering by the pool

Two legends of the quilt world:  Yvonne Porcella (L) and Alex Anderson.

Posing with my dear friend Judy Coates Perez

Pokey gives a brief, heartfelt speech before digging in!
She remembered the late Allison Stilwell, who encouraged 
everyone to "Do what you love, no matter how crazy it may seem!".

Putting on her hard hat before the heavy work begins...

Yvonne shows Pokey how she got some Napa dirt under her new manicure!

Flying away on a beautiful day I can see the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz
in the distance.  
I'm sure to return, and often.


  1. Our area is so awesome, I live just over the hill in Suisun Valley, will look forward to seeing more about this adventure.

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