Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Italy, Part Two...Chianti

We ventured into Chianti twice during this trip.  Thanks to Jeannie, who had done extensive research before we traveled, we were able to have a wonderful day at Casamonti to have brunch and visit the home of the Cinta Senese, or Tuscan Pig.  These pigs were nearly extinct by the late 80's.  The owners of Casamonti formed a Consortium to bring it back from the brink.  The raise the animals for the typical Tuscan products that include salami, finocchiona, fresh sausage, seasoned pork loin, salt bacon, capocollo, cured lard, and the famous prosciutto and also grow grapes and olives.  We sampled all their products and I even ordered some to be shipped home.  Here are some images:

Anna Rita, the co-owner of the vineyard, talks to us about their wines and how to read the labels.

After lunch she walked us down to her kitchen garden.

She encouraged us to pick some vegetables!

Look at these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes.  
They were delicious!

One of their pigs.

And a piglet.

Chianti was simply breathtaking.

The colors of the grapes and the leaves, just beginning to turn red.

We took our beautiful vegetables, including squash blossoms, home to 
cook for dinner that evening.


  1. One of the best trips we ever took was a walking trip through Chianti - a memorable meal in a vineyard, watching goat and sheep's cheese being made in a Tuscan kitchen. Just wonderful hospitality. Love your photos.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. There is just something about Italy....!

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