Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Walk Around Tirano, Italy

I love old doors and walls.  This city has clean, cold mountain water running from public fountains.  I had a cold drink of it and it was better than Evian!
We had pizza for dinner from a wood-burning oven in a delightful small restaurant down the street from our hotel.  After, we wandered the streets and looked at the old buildings, walls, doors, and streets.  I had such a good time!
This is the post office parking lot!

I adore the old, gnarly boards that make up these doors, as well
as the plants lining the top of the arch.

Look at this old stone sink!

It was after 10 pm when we were walking around.
The street lights were just coming on....

Wouldn't you love to have access to this wonderful, cold mountain water?

The evening light was amazing.  We noticed that it stays light so much longer in this area than the central US.  It was light as late as 10:45.  The temperature was slightly cool and crisp.  What a wonderful evening to poke around this small, beautiful city.  

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