Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!
I hope everyone is off to a good beginning.  New Years is sort of like the first day of school, isn't it?  It is a chance for a fresh start.  I will occasionally have a resolution but I don't like to do that to myself as it feels like a set-up for failure.  I try to be gentle with myself about that sort of thing.  We have enough pressures, don't we?
A few years ago I did resolve to be more attentive about recycling.  To my surprise, I found that I really didn't have to discard much "garbage".  I have far more recycling than actual garbage, so much so that I had to request a second recycling dumpster.  My trash can rarely goes to the curb.  So…that particular resolution was productive and led to a better habit.

I do like the idea of a word for the year.  Many people on the quiltart news list opt for a themed word as a guide post for their creative year.

Enjoy the ride!

My word this year is "meaningful".  I debated between this and "playful".  I think they are equally important.  (You know how much I like to have a good time!).

  1. 1.
    having meaning.
    "meaningful elements in a language"

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  1. Good word. I'm still trying to get mine nailed down. Perhaps decisiveness should be mine lol. I know what I want just can't get it into a word. More time with the thesaurus is needed.


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