Sunday, December 8, 2013

Posters, Pretty Leaves, and Party Gifts

Greetings.  I've been traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday and not doing much blogging.
Upon return to Texas from a family holiday in Iowa I discovered that my small Japanese Maple tree, which has always been lovely and typically has a fall showing of deep burgundy leaves had turned a gorgeous red this year.  I am such a garden geek that I went a bit crazy about it.  I venture out almost every day to gather a few more leaves to press.  You may just see these under a silk screen in the near-future as well as collaged into some mixed media work.

The tree as viewed from a studio window.

This week was the annual holiday gathering of the San Antonio Modern Quilt guild.  We met at Rosarios restaurant as one of our members manages it.  It was a fun event with a "Chinese gift exchange" which was really fun!
One of the two gifts I made for the exchange.
(the other was a handmade pincushion)

Sew and tell before dinner!

The other bit of excitement is that my husband's film documentary, "Tim's Vermeer", has been put on the Oscar "short list"!  One of the fifteen films selected from 151 submissions, we are thrilled and humbled by this news.  Notification about the nominations is on January 16th, 2014.
Here is the official movie poster!


  1. Have you heard the NPR review from Bob Mondelo on Saturday's All Things Considered? Awesome! I'm hoping my local university's film series will carry it, otherwise it's Netflix for me.

    1. Well, THANK YOU! I missed this, somehow. I am aware of the other NPR story. I appreciate it, Dana!

  2. I just went back to check and saw another NPR interview, this time with Penn and Teller. (director and narrator)

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