Monday, September 9, 2013

Abandoned Property and Broken Windows

I thought I would share some photos I love from a trip I made to Kansas in June.  I wandered onto the old Menninger Clinic grounds which, until a few years ago, existed in Topeka Kansas.  The grounds are beautiful and the old buildings need someone to restore them and love them up.  My friend Billie lives fairly close to the property and we decided to take a wander during my last visit to my hometown.

the old Tower Building

All boarded up because of the damage from vandals over the years.

The wildflowers (coneflower!) in the meadows surrounding the old buildings

There is something about this place that holds a deep attraction.  I hope that someone, someday, brings this beautiful property back to life.  I love it, even in its current state of decay and disrepair.


  1. Can't believe this. The Menningers were so iconic I. The field of mental health. I would think the town or state. Ignt's try to reclaim the property. A real shame.

    1. Yes. I think someone will, at some point. I think the cost of restoration to historic standards is prohibitive.

  2. Wow. What a lovely piece of architecture … and on such beautiful grounds! And yes, I hope new breath is offered to it, too.

  3. Even though I don't live nearby, I now of the Menningers. What a shame to see such a beautiful place go to ruin. I could drag out my soap box on restoring the old, but won't. :) The coneflower meadow is gorgeous! They are one of my favorite flowers and don't grow well here, but I have a few and cherish each bloom. Here is hoping someone sees the value and has the $$$ to restore that beautiful place.


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