Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Few Summer This & Thats...

Here's a big surprise:  it is hot outside!  I love this San Antonio heat, and that was brought home to me after a recent weekend in Washington DC where the humidity rivaled the temperature.  I love the bright colors of summer in my garden.
Bizzi is my constant companion, inside and outside.

Even the dried Texas Red Yucca seed pods are lovely.
This guy has been hanging around the construction site.
My little gouache set.

Painting the summer berries!


  1. Pretty berries. We are so cool here in the NE region today only 57. Enjoy your lovely pool and sweet companion. xox

    1. Wow, Corrine! 57 degrees? I just looked at my weather app and it is 95 here!
      But it is very dry so it isn't as horrible as it sounds. We are enjoying the day. I'm off to refill hummingbird and seed feeders before hitting the studio!


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