Friday, March 22, 2013

What I'm Up To...

I taught classes and gave lecturesat the quilt show!

Day One:  Geltastic & Printalicious workshop!
Notice the quilts pulled back from the work table? 
I'm paranoid of paint!

Two gelatin plate monoprints: the second was the combination of
a cut bok choy and a dog brush!
Bok choy was cut with my non-stick serrated Havel's scissors:  great when you don't have a knife!

It takes a lot of "stuff" do do this....

Student monoprint using a cross-cut artichoke

Student-made stamp

and the results of it!

Another stamp...

and a print!
Here is a monoprint using a commercial stencil, with gorgeous results!

Workshop 2 was "Wax On/Wax Off", a soywax workshop:

students apply wax at the stations

One of Amanda's beautiful pieces

Amanda, right, working on her various pieces of paper and cloth

Lynnita shows two of her pieces

Roberta and her work

Maureen created one to match her shirt!  (not really)

Sandy holds up one of her beauties

Tove liked this one best:  she used it to wipe her hands of paint!!
(I told her sometimes my best work was the drop cloth under my print work)

Doris holds up one of her colorful pieces

Nelly shows one of her pieces while she waits for paint to dry on the others

Jeannie had a LOT of fun with the potato masher.
Valerie had many small, lovely pieces

My students made some stunning pieces on both cloth and a wide variety of papers.  We learned that Yupo (synthetic water media paper) works beautifully with soy wax.  We saw such a wide array of gorgeous things that were all made with the same tools and the same selection of paints.  It never ceases to amaze me.  I was honored to be part of their experience.  

Day # 3 was equally fun, so much so that I apparently forgot to take any photos!  The workshop name was "Doodle, Print, Fuse, Repeat", and the students learned a variety of ways to print imagery on paper and cloth.  Using multi-purpose cloth that students painted and set aside, students created stamps, printed onto both cloth and paper, wrote with extruders, used stencils, and more to create a wide variety of collage items.  A demonstration of how to use Mistyfuse gave students inspiration for how to layer their work.  Each took home some Mistyfuse samples to work with.

I presented two lectures:  "Working Small:  The Journal Quilt Project", and "The Journey IS the Destination".

I truly enjoyed my time in the area and was so fortunate to have such fun students!

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