Monday, July 2, 2012

Circles: The July Theme for the Sketchbook Challenge

Since I am obsessed with looking at circular shapes I decided to post even more images from my photo file here as a continuation of my blog post today on the Sketchbook Challenge site.
the inside of a basket I found in Taos last summer in a junk shop

a gas station museum.  Seriously.  In the middle of nowhere NM.

soy wax resist using a pool noodle

bubble wrap and a bath mat pressed into an acrylic wash on watercolor paper


  1. Love the last one, and I like the layers.

    When I was four I was playing hide-n-seek and hide in one of those milk cans. They had to bring in the fire department to get me out. I don't remember, but my mother says there was a lot of soap and Wesson oil involved but they didn't need to cut the milk can.

  2. What a visual that conjures up! I'll be chuckling over this for awhile...

  3. I think I'm having heart palpitations over the pebbles and bubble wrap image.... VERY cool!

    And - a heart attack thinking of a little one stuck in a milk can. Don't know whether I'd die of horror or of laughing first!


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