Friday, November 4, 2011

"Dreaming in Canvas: The Painted Quilt" workshop photos

Day-long workshop #2 in Houston was "Dreaming In Canvas:  The Painted Quilt".  Once again, our students inspired us with their willingness to step out of their comfort zones and try something new.
Here are some shots of the progression of their canvas painting, followed by images of their fabulous quilts!
Covering the canvas with broad marks

smaller tools create more detail

monoprinting on paper along the way

Adding white, then black paint and more detail

all the hands that worked on the painting

detail of one canvas

detail of the second canvas

Part of the class poses with one canvas...

and then the other
painted canvas (pre-fused) was cut and fused onto black felt

the students worked on Husqvarna Viking machines to create unique quilts

The quilts were beautiful, and every one was different!

Here is Maggie Winfield's fused quilt

Our students pose with their completed quilts!

Simply stunning!


  1. wow, love the way the quilts turned out!!

  2. I love the way you cut up the painted cloth and made unique mini quilts. Awesome!

  3. Wow...what a great collaboration and fun time.

  4. The photos tell a story of fun and eye-popping colors.

  5. This was hands down one of the best classes I've ever taken!!!! Well done, Leslie and Jamie -- thanks again for a wonderful time.

  6. There was a lot of joy in the room. I think the results speak for themselves!
    Thank you for your kind words, Kathleen. Indeed, the pleasure was ours to have you in the class. Woo Hoo!


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