Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Retrospective-2nd Quarter

This is part two of my look back over a few of the things that happened during the second quarter of 2017.  It is my way of reflecting on the year, thinking about a few of the events (or non-events, really) that shaped my experience.
Truly, one of the greatest pleasures in making a fabric line is to see what others
create with it.  It was such fun to see images pop up on social media, this one by 'wild boho', of a 
quilt made with Urban Artifacts.

quilt design in-process

sprouting things for the kitchen garden...

drawing from observation

watching the garden transition from buds to blossoms...

allium with a bee

another design in-process

ruler-free improv quilt using "Hopscotch", Jamie Fingal's new line with RJR

the first strike-offs of Urban Garden arrive.

working on another piece.


Beauty in the garden.

A film festival in Baltimore:  my middle daughter wrote and directed
a short film that was juried into the Maryland International Film Festival.

The Crystal Pier piece is finished and ready to be quilted.

Jamie debuts her new blender line at Spring Market in St. Louis.

Loads of cooking....always

Another quilt design using digital imagery

and the top is completed and ready for quilting.
I like to make notes about the quilting for the longarmxr, in this case it is 
Joanna Marsh of Kustom Kwuilts.  Sometimes I will take a photograph and denote 
quilting lines but I find the graph paper works well, plus I have room to make notes.

another set of digital imagery to play with

This is going to be called "Hedgehog Social".

Began construction on yet another quilt, this one doing ruler-free cutting.

Back out to LA to spend time with my friend Karen, do a bit of sightseeing, and
attend a music festival at the Hollywood Bowl (my first here).
Karen and I were mostly interested in seeing Keb Mo perform with Taj Mahal, but all the performers
were equally great.  Such a magical evening, though it was hot until the sun set!

We also went to the Grammy museum where they were having a couple of exhibits showcasing
stuff from the "Golden Summer of Love".  Hard to believe it has been 50 years.

Back home to Texas and I am scrambling to get quilts faced in preparation for 
two appearances on "Fresh Quilting", a PBS program for the Modern Quilt Guild.
I was honored to be invited and really enjoyed the experience.  
I have done work with KS Productions in the past and I really enjoy working with Kathy Stull.

Honest studio shot.  Yikes!
Could I load anything else next to my sewing machine?!

Facings, Facings, Facings!

But before I go to Cleveland to tape, I went to a SAMQG retreat in Kerrville!
I have the BEST guild.  We really enjoy being together and this retreat center is the best.
There is a quilt shop right across the parking lot!
We did a tour of our quilts brought to cover our beds and hear each member discuss the quilt.

Look what I found in Creations Quilt Shop! 
I am honored to occupy the same shelf with Marcia Derse!

And it is off to Cleveland two days later.

Getting "mic'd" for the first segment.  This one is about digital imagery in quilts.

Talking to the producer on-set.

posing before we get going.

This is sort of a weird shot but I decided I wanted my hair up for the second segment 
and I had trouble checking it in the mirror.

Setting up for the "improv" segment.

And I tried to get out the same evening to head home but my flight was cancelled.
I spent the night in an airport hotel.

Who should I bump into as I went through security at the airport?
My dear friend Michele!  It's a small world.
Too bad we weren't on the same flight but we had a few moments
and I almost-never get to see her!  It was the bonus for having the extra night in Cleveland.

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