Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tasmania Adventure part 2

I'm finding myself feeling better, with less jet lag each day.  Actually, I feel fine all day but I can tell the jet lag still has me in its grip when I want to face-plant at 8:30 each evening.  If you know me at all you will understand how extraordinary that is....
Today we drove out to MONA and spent the afternoon, even staying after the closing out under the James Turrell installation, "Armarna".  Oh my goodness it was gorgeous.   My first shot of the installation was taken as I approached it just before sunset.  I took many, many photos because I was entranced with the color of the installation as it contrasted with the sky color.  It is such a great example of how relative color is to others.  Apologies in advance for the stream of images that follows.... (sorry, not sorry) are seeing them in the order in which I took them.

Last night we attended Midwinter Fest,  a rather pagan affair out in the middle of nowhere.  Huge bonfires and the burning of what appeared to be some sort of huge scarecrow effigy.  I need to read up on the significance of it, but it was a great time.
We all went to Target and bought Wellies, or as they are referred to here, “gumboots”, for the occasion and it was very good we did.  Talk about a mud-fest.  It reminded me of a smaller sort of woodstock.  Loads of music, food, and drink.  People here are 
so friendly.  We even got to feed some interesting cattle (you would have loved it, Ellie):  Highlands and (I think) Swiss.  They had funky fur.  One had a rather unfortunate, Trump-esque looking comb-over.  She couldn’t help it, I guess.
Trump comb-over on cow....


  1. Really interesting how the colors became more vibrant as the sun went down. In some of the pics I even see the sky color was dominant. Wonderful installation and thanks for sharing! Have fun!!!

    1. I agree, Relishing Life! I was fascinated by the influence of how the colors influenced one another. I hope to have the opportunity to see it again before I return to the States...


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