Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The "Real" Price of Fashion..

Frequently, life inspires art.  Never more so than in the following image of a friend's dog, who was unfortunate enough to get too close to a porcupine.  Yikes!  She is on her way to the vet to get her new "whiskers" removed.  No fun!

It inspired me to move forward on a project I am making for an upcoming show in New York.  Each of us will be making a 12x12 inch piece mounted on a canvas.  In my case I plan to mount the finished work on a cradled board in order to support it properly.

I was also inspired by the many shoe pieces my friend, Rachel Edwards, has created over the years.  Hers are detailed, almost journal-like.  In my case, I was interested in achieving an almost-visceral response to the piece.  The name of the upcoming show is "Off The Hanger", by the way.

This shoe has been cut in half, lengthwise, with a band saw (thank you, Tim!).  The shoe was primed, then painted with the two colors.  Nails were painted.  I wrote on the shoe with a Pentel gel roller fabric pen, then used an awl to punch holes in the shoe for the nails.  Once I'm finished I plan to use putty to "fill" the shoe toe prior to glueing it to the prepared board.  You can imagine some of the things I have written on my shoe, right?!


  1. Sorry for the dog - but love the idea that she inspired the design for your shoe! Very cool idea. Can't wait to see the finished result!

  2. Thanks, Jamie. Getting ready to work on the design for the surface of the cradled panel. Stay tuned!

  3. oh that poor pup :(

    I'm loving where you're headed with that shoe!

  4. I'm with Sue. Poor puppy and LOVE the shoes!


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