Sunday, February 12, 2012

Create A Set of "Ransom Lettering" pages

For those of you who enjoy mixed media, why not take a couple of hours and create a "ransom letter" alphabet file?
Grab some printer paper, glue or double-sided tape, and a stack of old magazines and begin clipping.
I designated a half-page per letter/number, but I may change this in the future.  I figure I can always add to the set.  I cut a batch and made piles on the table, and when I had enough, I stopped and glued.
Once finished, I slid the collection into a clear page protector.  As the collection grows I will separate them into sections, but this is sufficient for the time-being.

Ransom lettering can be an interesting layer on collage, and a set of words can be scanned onto printable cloth.  Try it and see how many ways you can use it!  Have fun!


  1. Great idea.. being new to blogs and collating I appreciate what you sharing..


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