Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Arriving in Amsterdam

Tim on the train ride from Schiphol airport into Amsterdam

I am tagging along with my husband to Amsterdam.  His company has a presence at a big computer trade show, IBC, and I have had the pleasure of coming here with him several times before.  Because of this opportunity, the city of Amsterdam has become a favorite destination.  The people are gentle and friendly.  I love the feel of the city, the mass transit, the ability to get lost and not feel afraid.  I love to wander and do a lot of photography, people-watch, and dream.
We didn't do much today because neither of us have the ability to sleep well on a long flight.  We checked into our hotel and lapsed into a jet-lag-fueled altered state.  We should have stayed upright and pushed ourselves through this first day, but neither of us had the stomach for it.
This evening we ventured out for dinner with some other Newtek people.  The rain stopped and we
had a leisurely walk through the city afterward.
one of the many beautiful canals in the city

we walked past this strange shop filled with crazy masks!
I must go back....


  1. so far, so beautiful. I can't wait to travel with you virtually while you are on this adventure.

  2. Please come visit. Jessey F. sent you a message about my school - - located in AMSTERDAM! I will be their today so if you are wondering around, stop in and visit! Also, in case you didn't know, tomorrow the Quiltersgilde has their big exhibit in Leiden at the St. Pieterskerk. If you would like to tag along, contact me. Ilook forward to meeting you. Ginni Fleck

  3. Hi Ginni. I am a bit under the weather today, but don't think it is serious.
    I would love to drop by your shop, but should wait until another day. I would love to see the exhibit in Leiden!

  4. Leslie, here's another tip for you:
    Artists Books Shop "Boekie Woekie"
    Berenstraat 16
    1016 GH Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
    Their website:
    If the link doesn't show up just Google "Boekie Woekie"
    best, Annie - the Netherlands

  5. I wouldn't worry too much about the whole "push on through the day thing" - i've taken naps after getting to the hotel following the transatlantic flight, and 'disaster' didn't befall me! Ha ha. Not quite sure where the 'stay up' advice comes from, but I find a nap is what enables you to get through the day without getting too run down.

  6. I'm over my jet lag. Our solution: a 1mg melatonin and a benadryl. It makes you sleepy and keeps you asleep. Best. Thing. Ever. for jet lag.
    Annie: thanks for that tip. Is this near Spui? I'll check it out tomorrow.
    I think I'll feel up to getting out and about. Today: not so much.
    I love the shop name! Great.


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