Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Look!  You can see the surface of one of my work tables!  This is a rare sighting, indeed!

A few pieces of recently dyed fabric awaiting the next layer.

Below is the front of a birthday card I recently sent my oldest daughter.
It might apply to studio tidiness:


  1. Leslie, your studio looks beautiful! (How long do you think it will stay that way? LOL!) Now you're inspiring me to do a spring cleaning. Love the birthday card too!

  2. Leslie, you make me feel so normal!
    I must admit that when I can no longer find anything and have had a tidy up, there's a strange sense of virtuous anticipation that gives me a buzz, but tTidiness and creativity don't seem to sit well with one another do they?

  3. Exactly!!Being Creative doesn't = tidiness.
    But it does feel lovely to have a clean-up after each project.It sort of clears the decks, and inspiration can come easily!
    Great studio!!

  4. Thanks for your kind words about the studio. Guess what? I had 2 architects come in and look it over today! I was nervous, but decided not to try to pick it up any further because I thought they needed to see the real deal. I'm looking into the feasibility of modifying the space to accommodate my wet work and need for functional storage. I have some ideas, and so did they. It will be an interesting process of discovery. That said, I have NO idea when this will begin. I will need to lay down and fan myself at the thought of moving all this....stuff....out of here for the work to begin. Stay tuned!

  5. Oh, Leslie I love your studio, too. And, daunting though it may be, just think of the wealth of new fun you will be able to have!!
    I love the card you made! First big smile of the day!

  6. Thanks, Skye. I must tell you that I did not create that card: I purchased it.
    I love it and wish I had been clever enough to create it. At least I was clever enough to purchase it! LOL


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