Monday, February 21, 2011

Pink chair

I've been thinking about repainting my outdoor wrought iron table and chairs in bright colors.  I'm bored with them.  Today I went outside and puttered in the garden, and before I knew it I had primed the 4 chairs and painted one of them (very) bright pink.  Now, I'm trying to decide what colors the other chairs should be.  Should I paint two and two?  Different colors for each?  What color should the table be?
Don't you like how I plan ahead so carefully?!  I wonder what my husband is going to think when he notices this (after 29 years he isn't surprised by much...).
Feedback, please....


  1. Each a different color, of course!

  2. Pink. orange, red, yellow. Black table.

  3. I'm in with Melly, although I might go for a turquoise table.

  4. I definitely would do them all different. I like a black table too. I like pink, lime green, turquoise, and maybe orange or perhaps medium blue like the quilting arts cover with the biker.Those 2 blues with pink and orange might be nice.


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