Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Day At Xil Ha

Xil Ha is a natural aquarium located near Tulum.  We visited this place a few years ago and agreed it would be great to return.  Today was spent in the water.  I snorkeled for quite a few hours and saw some amazing things in the water.  Too bad I didn't have an underwater camera or a flip underwater video camera!
Things I saw: many colorful fish, a total of 4 manta rays, one very small and one quite large barracuda, some large parrotfish, and a bunch of conch shells on the floor of the lagoon.  We dove down and picked a few up to examine them (returning them afterward, of course).  Thanks to this maneuver I now have a water-logged ear.  I will be most-grateful when I can hear out of it again.

I love this guy:  he is eating a feather and holding it like a sucker!

Tim makes friends with a Toucan

These guys were making some great music

Our origami towel of the day: a dino (I think)


  1. The bird photos are amazing. Love their colors - so vibrant and beautiful. Looks like fun. I am jealous! Love the origami towel of the day.

  2. I love interacting with birds. I could have "talked" to them for hours. They love when I click my tongue at them. I'm sure the humans nearby are amused, too. I'm loving the origami towels. It will be so boring when we go home to regular old towels....

  3. Boy has Tulum changed since I was there in 1974! It looks like such a lovely holiday away.


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