Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Poem

My lovely friend, Martha K. Grant, is both gifted fiber artist and poet.  She sent me two poems honoring Veteran's Day and one of them resonated with me.  I am posting it here, with her permission.  It seems we all have a personal battle, or challenge, to contend with.  Perhaps this will speak to you as much as it did to me.

The War Is Over 

Today in a fit of determination
and self-confidence, you delare
the inner war over, the forces
waging mayhem and confusion
in your psyche now cajoled
into surrender—

the battle lines having become
increasingly blurred over time,
it was impossible to tell
who the opponent was,
whose side anyone was on
any more.

The warriors have fallen
to the ground in a heap
of exhaustion and relief,
grateful for that white flag
you’re waving in the distance,
that lone bugler on the hillside,
sounding taps.

Relaxing into this respite,
they feel their bruised limbs
for injuries, reach into pockets
for the wallet
with a photo
from home. 

                 Martha K. Grant, printed with  permission


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