Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Quilter's Planner via the Fat Quarter Shop

I've been away from a physical planner ever since I converted to a Palm Pilot (gasp!) in the mid-90's. Most of my "life" schedule has rolled over to my iPhone calendar, but in the past year I have begun to realize that my "quilt life" isn't very organized.  I have a white board up in my temporary studio space and eventually I will have numerous chalk-painted walls in my remodeled studio to hopefully keep me on track.
But I keep hearing all the great things about this new 2016 Quilter's Planner by Stephanie Palmer of Late Night Quilter!  I just ordered mine from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I am copying their YouTube video so you can take a peek and see what you think.  I'm quite anxious to get my new planner and I hope to put it to use right away.

Here are a few of the things this planner contains (as listed by the Fat Quarter Shop blog):
- Monthly calendars
- Weekly calendars
- Project planning pages
- Graph paper
- 8 full quilt patterns from amazing designers
- 52 original quilt block designs
- Beautiful artwork pullouts by Kelsey Boes of Lovely and Enough
- Reference section for quilting calculations and common construction techniques

So here is my question to you:  How do you keep your quilt life organized?  Do you have more than one strategy?  I'm sincerely interested.  I know that I need to change my method of tracking my work flow and I am looking at any and all ideas.  
I feel as though my renovated studio will be part of that plan as it will have a better work-flow.  Does the organization follow?  We shall see!  I am hoping that the new planner, my chalk walls, and a white-board will work for me.  If there is something else that you find helpful please drop me a comment.


  1. I looked at Fat Quarter shop but there was no link to it. I keep my regular calendar on my iPhone and desktop computer to keep them synchronized. I have bought a loose leaf book from Staples for quilting projects and am going to try the method suggested by Lori Kennedy of the Inbox jaunt.

  2. Here is (I hope!) a link to the calendar designer's blog:


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