Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cas Holmes Workshop in San Diego

Lucky me!  I had the opportunity to travel to San Diego to participate in a workshop with the amazing Cas Holmes.  Cas is the author of "The Found Object", among others, and is an artist I have admired and respected for years.  I jumped at th chance to study with her.  The other wonderful part was I spent time with my dear friend Jeannie Palmer Moore!
The workshop was held in a wonderful space in Liberty Station.  I was so impressed with the way this decommissioned Naval base was transformed into a vibrant area that has spaces for art-related nonprofits, restaurants and grocers, bars, condos, and I even spotted North Sails, which are the brand of sails I used to have on my former boat.  That was fun to see.
Here are a few images from the workshop:

After a collaborative drawing experience each student was tasked with isolating an area from the 
drawing(s) and simplifying the lines in order to create a stamp.


Stamp on paper using watered-down acrylic paint

Cas demonstrating a collage technique

Workshop participants look at one of Cas' lovely samples.

A beautifully stitched, embroidered piece made of cloth and paper bits.

A dilute mixture of Methyl Cellulose is used as a temporary way to adhere components in place.

Some elements....

Cas wasn't really put in the stocks.  But she did like her sign!

Here is the hand-embroidered piece I created for Cas' installation called
Here is another link to see more samples.
I intend to create more and send them to her.  Please join me!

Here are some other samples of donated pieces for Tea Flora Tales.

Here are two of my compositions, not-quite-finished.

So happy to have had the opportunity to study with Cas!


  1. Leslie, thank you so much for sharing your pics! I'm so happy Tuesday got that one of Cas in the" stocks" ! So happy I got to meet you again, and I'd join you at the next Cas Holmes reunion!

  2. It was great to see you again, Lulu. I look forward to our paths crossing again many times in the future. Portland, for certain!


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