Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Come See "What's For Dinner?"!

My friend and partner-in-crime, Jamie Fingal, and I have a long-running conversation about what we are cooking for dinner.  This lead to a cooking (and restaurant-appreciation) blog, and eventually Jamie began asking her Facebook followers, "What's For Dinner?".  Last fall, we discussed the idea of creating a unique quilt exhibition with this title.
This amazing pan was hand-painted by Desiree Habicht
and given to Jamie for her 60th birthday!

Each piece was created inside a 15"L by 24" W format, something about the size of a placemat (or a cafeteria tray).
We are very excited to debut this exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  Jamie and I had a difficult challenge because there were so many wonderful submissions.  Please stop by and take a peek at this fun and creative exhibit at the festival, and I hope you will stop by the blog and let me know you saw it!
I gave my curator's piece a great deal of thought.  I like the idea that we eat for sustenance, but we also have a lot of traditions surrounding food that are handed down in families.  I have a ritual of making my grandmother's English Date Pudding and my late sister's recipe for Southwestern style dressing each year during the holidays.  There is something comforting about the creation of these dishes and remembering the women who taught me how to make them.
It was with these thoughts that I created my piece, called "Nourishment and Tradition".
I started out by making color laser copies of some of my mother and sister's old recipes.
I like that they have splatters on them.

I laminated the papers to a piece of silk organza with matte medium.
Once dry, the excess paper on the back of the recipes was removed.

Since my husband and I eat a great deal of fish it seems 
appropriate that I would have one on the plate.
And...I never pass up the chance to use a googly eye or two! 

We generally eat a lot of salad or some other type of greens.
I wanted them to be dimensional.

To make the flatware I used my own stainless and made drawings on gray silk
and thread painted the reflections.

The napkin is held in place with a few stitches.
The plate fabric, a piece of lovely Kaffe Fassett cloth, strongly resembles 
my Tracy Porter dishware.  It works!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! so thrilled my piece was included in the show.

  2. Great fun to see how you made your piece, Lesley. I'm only sorry I'm not in Houston to see it and all the others,too, as I was last year.Remember I have one of your pieces of Art from the Art Box collection,called Nesting.


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