Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remembering My Sister today

My older sister, Priscilla, would have been 65 today.  She was born in Norfolk, Virginia, while my father was in active duty as a pilot in the Navy.  I think of her every day, but especially on this day.
Priscilla on Virginia Beach, 1948
Age 5 or 6, visiting our grandparents in Smith Center, Kansas
Priscilla and me, aged 10 and 3.


  1. What lovely pictures, Leslie, thank you for sharing them. Priscilla and I were the same age (and I think we even had the same glasses at that age!) I'm so sorry for your loss ... even though I know it's been a while, you never stop loving and missing your sister.

  2. No, you never stop, and yes, it has been over 12 years now since she died. I think of her on these days. I appreciate your note, Linda.

  3. How sad to lose your sister! It must leave a huge hole in your heart. Your post has prompted me to call my little sister in Florida. thanks for reminding me how important sisters are.

    1. Aw! I'm glad you called her! Yes, I have a hole in my heart, but time passing has helped. Losing her changed my entire perspective on life. I appreciate every. single, day.
      xoxo Leslie


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