Thursday, March 15, 2012

Piano Day

This is my very first attempt at editing video footage.  Shot with my icamera, edited on imovie.  Enjoy.
Please give me some feedback.  


  1. That was exciting! Love the recital at the end.

  2. So fun! Isn't iMovie amazing? Shoot with your camera horizontal and then it will fill the screen. It might be fun to explore speeding up the video. Then we could see the guys zoom up the drive way. You could make the font on the title a little bigger. It's easy to see as your editing in iMovie, but you have to remember the video box on your blog will be smaller. I made that mistake the first time too. I love how you mixed still pictures with video. Loved the credits!

  3. Thanks, Gerrie. The movie shows that I am a rank amateur! Still, I enjoyed making it and more will be coming!

  4. Hilarious. "At Last" was the icing on the cake! and with Bizzi at the beginning and end with her little bark. You did a great job!

  5. Thanks, Jamie. I have a LOT to learn about doing this, but this is my first experience messing with imovie. I have no where to go but up! It was fun!

    1. Liked how the suspense built all along and also got a kick out of Bizzi as usual!

  6. We enjoyed it. Rave reviews. Done to the tune of
    At Last added to the enjoyment. Bizzi's solo
    was just in tune with Tim's jazz. You do have talent!

  7. Ha ha ha. I'll tell Bizzi you gave her performance a "thumbs-up"!


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