Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Women In Art" reception at the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

In Vitro #4 hangs in the foyer of the Chamber 
Guadelupe Goes Shopping on inside wall

The conference room/reception area
Food provided courtesy of La Madeline

These two talented young women (high school students!)
provided the muscial entertainment

It was an honor to be part of the first-ever "Women in Art" show at the Chamber of Commerce in San Antonio.  The Chamber is working to promote local artists, featuring new work every 6 weeks.  Our show, a collection of 8 women, looked fantastic in the Chamber setting.  Yay for us!


  1. Leslie, congratulations on your show at the Chamber of Commerce! I'd like to get over there to see it in the next month or so. "In Vitro #4" looks fantastic! (And thanks for leaving your images large, so that the click-through brings it to my monitor actually large enough to see details!)

  2. Thanks, Linda! Actually, the reception was at the end of the show (I am unsure why they do it this way) so unfortunately it is no longer hanging. I do encourage you to visit Fiber Artspace if you are in the San Antonio-area. Currently, Liz Axford's lovely show, "Elements", is hanging in the main section of the gallery. The 4 gallery-owners have small works hanging all the time.


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